1. Take place medical examinations for freshmen, result counseling, set up and manage Health Management Systems, etc.
  2. Take place activities to promote school health and provide the health information.
  3. Provide health measurement services e.g. blood pressure, height, weight, vision, body fat, etc.
  4. Provide breastfeeding room with refrigerated facilities for milk keeping.
  5. Implement various health promotion and health care according to the relevant health policies. (Campus infectious disease prevention advocacy, vaccination and disease prevention, etc.)
  6. Provide primary treatment for campus accident and help transferring to China Medical University Hospital.
  7. Cooperate with China Medical University Hospital on health, emergency medical treatment and students’ health examinations.
  8. Provide medical advices.
  9. Set up aid station for school activities (sports day, graduation ceremony, etc.) with China Medical University Hospital.
  10. Provide equipment borrowing service such as first aid kit, crutches, ice/hot packs, etc.
  11. Assist CPR, AED & first aid training courses.
  12. Supervise the food hygiene of school cafeteria.
  13. Hold meetings for the school health committee.
  14. Hold meetings for the school cafeteria committee.